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there are cute doggos everywhere

By on April 2nd, 2019 in Botswana, general life update

Flight: 3/3

Sun: hot

Dogs: 4/4

Coffee: 10/10

thumbs: up

#botswana #summer #thumbs:up

I finish my thesis one day before leaving the country for 6 months?

By on March 26th, 2019 in general life update

This is the first post and it contains just a short summary of pre-travel readiness

Apartment: 6/10

Avocados ready to be eaten: 4/5 (well that changed quickly)

Thesis: 8/10

Having all my shit together to be put into a luggage bag: 4/10

Being ready for take-off: 10/10

Thumbs: up

#avocado #pre-travel #thesis #thumbs:up

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