The tale of a girl who set forth to unlearn fear

Work Work Work.. close to Tallinn

By on March 14th, 2020 in Estonia, Europe, general life update, Road Trip

Made some cash 10/10

Few busy days at an organic fertiliser producer.. Interesting times

Estonia is good

People are kinda grumpy.. Pretty much like Germans

#+1° #good vibes #learn new things everyday #no cash no fuel #work has to be done

St. Petersburg is stunning

By on March 6th, 2020 in minimalism, Russia, Tiny Spaces

People in a good mood 8/10

St. Petersburg at night 10/10

St. Petersburg during the day 8/10

Weather.. Rainy, some sunshine and clouds around 2°C 5/10

Best Airbnb on Nevsky Ave 88 12/10

Sightseeing on foot.. Amazing architecture, amazing people.. Dog lovers.. 2 nights is not enough

Driving in Russia feels like driving in Botswana but much faster and more truck drivers willing to die 😂

By the way.. Nobody ever wanted to check Mayas’ paper or passport

#+5° #addicted #amazing places #best dog ever #big city life #dog lovers #good vibes #I love it #St. Petersburg #tiny apartment

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