The tale of a girl who set forth to unlearn fear

How to teach your dog to climb a ladder

Training progress after about 10 days..she’s getting better and stronger

#keepyourselfbusyduringquarantine #learnnewthingseveryday

How to pitch a roof tent

This is how pitching my tent works.. quick and easy

#after quarantine #enjoy life as simple as possible #get out there #still stuck in slitere national park

WGCW if a virus shuts down the world

Support local business

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Quarantine at Cape Kolka

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There could be worse places than these empty rural beaches

Love the coast of Latvia 10/10

Spending some time at a camp ground to see how the situation develops

Still avoiding to go back to Germany as the baltics seem to be much safer

#+6 #empty beaches #empty campground #not much to do #quarantine for everyone #time to relax

Amazing view of the baltic sea

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Estonia has some great camping spots

Freedom to roam should be the standard everywhere 10/10

Getting colder

Snow in the morning

Waiting for spring

Sun is back ❤️ 10/10

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Best parking in Alta, Norway

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Amazing view not even 5 meters from the coast

Supermarkets are disappointing when you’ve been in Sweden 5/8
-14 °C not too bad
Loads of snow
Maya is back on antibiotics but she’s enjoying the snow anyway

#amazing places #sick doggy #so much snow

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