The tale of a girl who set forth to unlearn fear

What’s next?

How corona changed my plans and what I’m up to..

vagabonding continues

#keepyourideassafeandletthemgrow #lifeisgood #permaculture?

DIY Dog Litter

We’ll be back in Germany end of may..

the only way to go back is taking a ferry from Lithuania

This dog is experiencing a lot of stuff

#DIY #dog litter #howtosurvice18hrsinacabinonthesea? #mayathesailor #puppy toilet

WCGW teaching your dog climbing a ladder

outtakes happend but I finally got some on camera

Maya is getting too fearless

#best dog ever #catch me if you can.. #jumping would not be a problem #no fear

Ventspils is empty

Lock Down until 12th May.. Strolling through Ventspils

Great Craft Beer from Courlander!!!

Life is boring

Moose with 2 babies on the way back home.. too slow for a picture

#city life #corona lock down #keepyourselfbusyduringquarantine #Ventspils

Exploring Talsi, beautiful Town in Latvia

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First hot spring day.. we almost hit 20°C

#boosting mayas self esteem #good life #Sunny days #Talsi

3 THINGS I HATE about living in a car

it’s not much.. but it’s not all just fun

I’ll keep you postet

#itsnotalljustfun #theresalwayssth

How to bake bread without oven

keep yourself busy

easy two ingredient imprivised bread:

flour, yeast, water, spices 😀 bake without oil in a pan or on a bbq

#2ingredientbread #bakingwithoutoven

After 16 days of dog ladder climbing training

Maya got it.. she’s really good now

still working on getting better and stronger

#+4 #best dog ever #campground usi #cape kolka #livingintinyspaces #livingthebestlife #rooftentingwithdogs

10 min daily workout routine

you have to keep your mind busy

#10minsaday.. #bettertostayhealthy #but5minsisok #ihatesports #keepyourselfbusyduringquarantine

How to teach your dog to climb a ladder

Training progress after about 10 days..she’s getting better and stronger

#keepyourselfbusyduringquarantine #learnnewthingseveryday

How to pitch a roof tent

This is how pitching my tent works.. quick and easy

#after quarantine #enjoy life as simple as possible #get out there #still stuck in slitere national park

WGCW if a virus shuts down the world

Support local business

#amazing places #campground #camping #cape kolka #nature retreat #places to see #slitere national park

Essential gear for my offroad road trip

well as I’m just in Europe it’s not really offroad but there are plans..

#backtobasics #focusonwhatyoureallyneed #offgridcamping #overlander #simplify #theresnooffroadineurope

My drive to North Cape in February

good times, good roads, good people

#getouttheraftercorona #livingthebestlife #stayathome for now #theresnooffroadineurope

WCGW.. folding a roof tent

it takes some time to get used to it.. then its done within 5mins

but you could get diry and break your nail

#camp life #corona lock down #roof tent

How to camp in -25°C

not a rocket science

up to -30 is ok if you’ve got blankets, a car and a sleeping bag

don’t buy expensive gear..

think about what you need and what you can use that you’ve already got

#-25 #enjoy life as simple as possible #go for it

Welcome to my house..

Stay busy during lock down

#-10 #+1° #itwastimetoshowmysetup #livingintinyspaces #vanlife

Slow life in Kolka

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Not much too see besides amazing nature

Dogs are tied outside in the yards almost everywhere 0/10

3 churches.. For whatever reason

Too bad everything is still closed

#-2 #I need summer #no space to stretch my legs #surviving in tiny spaces #time to make plans #waiting for the avocado to be ready since days

Quarantine at Cape Kolka

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There could be worse places than these empty rural beaches

Love the coast of Latvia 10/10

Spending some time at a camp ground to see how the situation develops

Still avoiding to go back to Germany as the baltics seem to be much safer

#+6 #empty beaches #empty campground #not much to do #quarantine for everyone #time to relax

Lock down in Latvia

By on March 17th, 2020 in Europe, Latvia, Road Trip

Looks as if I’m stuck here for at least the next two weeks

No way I can go to Lithuania and Kaliningrad these days

Hoping for Belarus 1st April

Old Town of Riga looks nice 7/10

#+5 #14days to explore Latvia #no borders is history #No way to get out

Latvia has been good to me so far

By on March 16th, 2020 in Europe, Latvia, Road Trip

First time at a Lido.. Don’t know what to choose surprised about prices, quality and vegetarian option

Haven’t seen much of Riga so far but I finished my first Reddit Job 😅

Beaches are great in Latvia but very crowded on the weekend.. Back to civilisation

#+3 #good food #I love it #its not my last time at a Lido #Riga

Amazing view of the baltic sea

By on March 15th, 2020 in Estonia, Europe, Parking

Estonia has some great camping spots

Freedom to roam should be the standard everywhere 10/10

Getting colder

Snow in the morning

Waiting for spring

Sun is back ❤️ 10/10

#-3 #amazing places #baltic sea #bring on the sun #I need spring now #snow again

Nature camp in the forest

By on March 15th, 2020 in Estonia, Europe, Road Trip

Public, free campground with water, firewood, fireplaces.. 10/10

Feels like camping in Namibia

Too much rain

Ruins of an medieval castle 10/10

First flowers 111/10

#+1° #amazing places #back to nature #camping #gooddays #I love it #places to see #rainy day #spring is coming

WCGW if Europe is freaking out about Corona Virus

Borders closing…

Let’s see how far we can go..

Still in Estonia on the way to Latvia

#-3 #bring on the sun #I don't get the point #stop closing borders #too cold

Work Work Work.. close to Tallinn

By on March 14th, 2020 in Estonia, Europe, general life update, Road Trip

Made some cash 10/10

Few busy days at an organic fertiliser producer.. Interesting times

Estonia is good

People are kinda grumpy.. Pretty much like Germans

#+1° #good vibes #learn new things everyday #no cash no fuel #work has to be done

Viru Raba in Lahemaa National Park

By on March 8th, 2020 in Estonia, Europe, National Parks, Road Trip

Amazing nature.. swamps 8/10

Too crowded – happy women’s day 5/10

Old soviet building falling apart 10/10

#+5° #nature is lit #sunshine #where are the wild animals??

Old Manor in Estonia

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2hrs at the border

Russians made me open the tent again.. Now I can pitch and pack within 5-7 mins 2/2

Red line and customs in Estonia because of the dog but nobody really wanted to check her again so we’re back in the EU 1/3

Amazing nature, rural places and this old Manor feels refreshing after 2 nights in St. Petersburg without a proper park 10/10

#+5° #amazing places #back to nature #europe #Ivangorod #Kolga Manor #no rain #no snow #nobody speaks english at an international border

No Snow in Helsinki and plus degrees

By on March 4th, 2020 in Europe, Finland, Helsinki

Already missing the natureBut not the ice
Went off road just after Vitasaari on solid ice uphill – Finland Emergency System works like sh*
Towed me out within minutes.. Car just lost a mud flap 😅
Getting ready for Russia now enjoying city life for a few days

#+1° #make sure you have better tired #Naughty Burgers #Parking is so expensive #slippery roads #snow is gone

Snow Castle in Kemi

By on March 1st, 2020 in Europe, Finland

kind of disappointing.. 3/10

boring town

I guess it’s better check the ice hotel in Kiruna

#30€ just to be allowed to enter? #Kemi #no dogs allowed #Snow Castle

Visit Santa Clause on the Arctic Circle

By on March 1st, 2020 in Animal Sightings, Europe, Finland

Rovaniemie is amazing.. if you love christmas 10/10

#Rovaniemi #Santa Clause Village

Inari in Finland is absolutely worth a visit

By on February 29th, 2020 in Aurora Borealis, Europe, Finland

Wilderness Church after 5km hike on snowscooter tracks

Car switched on after – 24°C in the morning

Inari is busier than expected

#- 24 #Inari #northern lights #Sami Culture #winter

Northern lights at the North Cape

By on February 28th, 2020 in Aurora Borealis, Europe, Norway

I can’t believe it..

Offroad, snow storm, convoy.. Car is awesome
Don’t pay for the Nordkapp Building.. Its just not worth it
Dogs are not allowed there too
1min northern lights during kind of stormy winds

Pictures are bad 1/10
Experience 10/10

Don’t do it in summer

#amazing places #Nordkapp #northern lights #Skarsvag #so lucky #winter

Best parking in Alta, Norway

By on February 26th, 2020 in Europe, Norway, Parking, Snow

Amazing view not even 5 meters from the coast

Supermarkets are disappointing when you’ve been in Sweden 5/8
-14 °C not too bad
Loads of snow
Maya is back on antibiotics but she’s enjoying the snow anyway

#amazing places #sick doggy #so much snow

money shot

By on February 23rd, 2020 in Europe, Road Trip, Sweden

Northern lights out tonight.. Super bright

Huawei P10 camera 110/10
Maya sitting in the snow for about an hour for the perfect picture.. Best dog 11*/10

Getting ready to hit the icy road again tmrw

#-10 #best dog ever #nature #northern lights #road trip #sweden

Welcome to the north

By on February 23rd, 2020 in Europe, general life update, Road Trip, Sweden

I’m still alive.. enjoying nature and life too much ;Dno time for internet

crossed the arctic circle 1/2
northern lights.. little bit cloudy 5/10
snooooow 12/10
met amazing people in sweden 10/10
car frozen, engine not starting without heating 1/3

Maya got used to traveling super fast

park4night app 10/10

got used to winter after -20 -4 feels amazing

#-20 #nature #northern lights #road trip #snow #sweden

Road Trip upcoming

By on January 10th, 2020 in Europe, general life update, Road Trip

Polarlights here I come

Getting ready for Northern East Europe

On the Road beginning of February

Back in Germany

By on December 7th, 2019 in Europe, general life update, Uncategorized

Feeling weird.. but got used to the cold

Back to the roots – horse riding

Car readyness for road trip 8/10

Started winter camping – Double sleeping bag rocks hard 4/5

Enjoying freedom 100/100

Road Trip started to Harz, Bremen, North Sea

Planning itinerary for Northern and Eastern Europe 2000/10.000km

To do: teach dog to climb ladder, get snow mats, tow bar and some tools

Happiness level 10/10

#ChristmasIsComing #Germany #GettingReadyToHitTheRoad

Europe Road Trip is getting real

By on June 1st, 2019 in Europe, general life update, Road Trip

Car 1/1

Route Planning just started

#europe #excitingtimes #road trip

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